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BUYERS have confidence in REALTORS

We showcase your property on the most powerful online search for real estate, the MLS

We provide an objective market analysis producing an accurate suggested list price

We provide expert market preparation helping others first impression and your bottom line

We have broad-based exposure, including valid agent and customer email databases’

We have buyers waiting for us to put your property in front of them

We have more constant exposure in the industry; this is our full time job

We use effective ads and signs

We advertise in local magazines, and rotate through other paper ads in the area

We have an aggressive banner ad campaign through related real estate searched web sites

We find emotionally qualified buyers

We find financially qualified buyers and stay on top of the buyers’ mortgage closing


We provide Knowledge of City permitting, inspections, feasibilities and code


We offer FREE competitive construction and repair estimates if needed


You will be less inconvenienced, allowing you to take care of your work and life


You will enjoy more security, professionalism, and confidence 


We follow up effectively so we can give you feedback about your property


We ask the personal questions that a Seller cannot


We know how to handle impatience, stress, and any situation you can imagine, through experience


We understand your wants, needs and your main objective with your transaction


We negotiate effectively without conflict and protect your interests


We help avoid contract issues and professionally manage time sensitive contract clauses


We discount our commissions increasing your profit


Why Select our team?









1 Provide you with a free home valuation consultation to help determine your home's worth. Review comps in the area to show you what is happening in Austin, Lakeway, Cedar park, Leander, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Round Rock and surrounding central TX areas.

2 Negotiate on your behalf to receive the most money for your property and home.

            3 Network with other real estate professionals here in Austin, Lakeway, Cedar park, Leander, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Round Rock and surrounding central TX areas as well as throughout other relevant areas to find the perfect buyer for your home.

4 Arrange showings of your home that work in conjunction with your schedule. Secure an electronic lockbox for accessibility that allows us to follow up with Agents that have viewed the home.

            5 Advise you how to best prepare your property for potential buyers to view. Provide any construction services that are needed in preparation or repair of your home.

            5 Engage in a comprehensive advertising campaign to give your home the ideal amount of exposure.  Including our enormous email database, community networking, and our door to door mind set.

6 Utilize technology including my personal web sites, the mls, and more, to showcase your property to other real estate agents along with potential home buyers. My websites are some of the top searched websites in the Austin area. I also advertise daily on craigslist, and have a large email database.

            7 Work with you through the complex paperwork and legal issues that can impact the sale of your home. I make sure your real estate transaction is correctly conducted.

8 Represent you in a manner that is both professional and thorough.

            9 Tailor the sale of your home to the area of your property and to each of its unique features. Don't forget my references and my proven track record of quality home selling.

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How Can I discount this low and provide full service?

I charge a flat fee of 495.00 upfront.  this pays me for the electronic lockbox, the sign, your consultation, the computer work, my time, gas, the real estate MLS  listing service, my valuable advertising and the powerful marketing of a full service real estate brokerage. Check // cash // credit cards Pay pal 15$ handling fee  

Why would I pay upfront? Our selling system is designed for clients ready to maximize their profit in the present. We only charge you the bare minimum nuts and bolts for achieving a successful sale of your home. If you do not plan on following through with selling your home then I would not want to waste time and gas running around to create the mirage. Brokers are able to list fair weather sellers for no upfront charges because they are charging 6% to 7%. Their upfront cost for homes that don't sell, are easily covered by the large paychecks of the homes that do sell. If you would not like to come up with the 495.00 upfront then we can service you through a 4% plan with 295.00 up front, or my 5% pampered plan with no money upfront. 495.00 is non refundable of course and is a small risk when dealing with 100,000.00+ .           Sound to good? Take a look at our results. We've sold 100s of homes in central Texas

At closing you pay: 3% to the buyer's agent, unless there is no buyer's agent.  My whole goal is to find you a qualified buyer and close on your home. I also give my clients the opportunity to give me five names of potential buyers that may put your home under contract. If a buyer from your list closes on your home then a real estate agent will not have earned their 3% and you save it. If you think that the 3% is the catch you are wrong! With today's mortgage market and economy, having a buyer's agent involved for legal representation, paperwork, and safety of mind is the only way to go. If you are not willing to pay a buyer's agent for bringing you a qualified and able buyer you should not list your property with a brokerage at all.  If I find the buyer, which I will be determined to do, then I have well earned the 3%. Can I offer less then 3% to a buyer's agent? No. Real estate agents are helping the majority of buyers in search of a property. The market commission split has and will be 3%. If you offer less I will not need to explain why your property seems to be skipped over. Real estate professionals deserve to make the 3 % when dealing with real estate transactions. Our transaction coordinator charges a 680.00 transaction coordination fee that is paid by you through closing. The transaction coordinator is a very important part to ensuring a successful  closing is performed on your real estate. She is glued to the important dates and deadlines on your real estate contract. Ensuring your stress free transaction and closing is well worth 680 compared to the thousands you will pay a 6% brokerage. For a list of her obligations and duties to your transaction click here.

I'm willing to only make 495 on this sale, for full service? Yes. If you are moving out of Texas, or a buyer from your list closes on the home, then just your referrals will be appreciated.  I will have sold your house for 495, happily saving you thousands. If you are moving into another Texas city within the year, Our company will be your buyer's agent and assist you in finding your next dream home. My clients have been happy with the money they saved, and let me earn a living by finding their next real estate. I have you sign a six month buyer's representation agreement on your next real estate transaction in Texas. My services are available in the Austin & surrounding areas. My Brokerage is present in most Texas cities and we will have an agent who is fully experienced in the area you are moving assist in making your next move informed and stress free.  

Why should I use you as my buyer's agent? If you trust us selling your house, finding a home is the fun part. We can assist you with foreclosures, short sales, new builds and resales. Oh and did I mention BUYER COMMISSION REBATES! If you're a happy hunter on your own, we will rebate up to half our commission to you. You can run the math on the sales price of your home, your savings could mean everything from a new kitchen appliance package to a completely remodeled kitchen. We will fill all the paperwork and make sure you are getting a great deal. If you would like us to show you homes and run you around to all sorts of areas we will have earned our 3% that the seller offers.  We are not greedy but we do need to make a modest living.

Example of your savings in the 495 plan:  Example: Netting 30,000 on a 250,000 house, after paying your normal 6% which is 15,000 and other seller closing costs.  Listing with me You would be making over 7,000 dollars more on top of that 30,000. For the same services, the title company can cut you a check for 30,000 or 37,000+. Which would you choose?

Example of savings using us as a buyer's agent: I already know I want to move to Hyde Park. In fact, I already have my eye on a couple places over there. I don't want to bother with someone every time to view homes and I know the seller already has a marketing agreement with an agent so there is a buyer's commission already assumed. When I use the 512 developing plan they will rebate half the commission back to me. The home I want is 425,000. There is a buyer agent commission offered at 3%, which means 12,750. That means after negotiations I will receive an additional 6,375 at closing by using the 512 developing plan?!     I can re landscape my entire property for that!

*The 495 plan does not apply for all listing services. Real estate listed over 300k is 695. A 680 Transaction coordinating fee is charged through closing. Commercial listings are negotiable.*


LIST WITH 512 DEVELOPING! I give you honest advice about what it's going to take to SELL your Real Estate. We have a long track record of successful real estate sales and we have a large networking pool of investors and buyers. Do you need any minimum construction done to maximize your profits? Would you like proven tips that you can do without spending much at all? If you would like to know how and what we can sell your house for in true 512 deVeloping style, contact Mike, Vice President of Broker Empire Realty at 512.507.0726. I will personally come to your house and go through what needs to be done. If you're not concerned about how quick it sells, and are ok with it sitting out on the market at an inflated price just in case someone bites, We are probably not a fit for you. Seeking clients that are ready to maximize their profits in the present.

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OPTION 2: The 5% pampered plan:

Why would I pick the 5% plan if your going to list my property for 495??

1. If you do not have the 495 up front.

2. If you feel that your real estate transaction will have more then your average situations.

3. If you would like to feel extra pampered.

4. If you would like a box with full color custom flyers in the yard.

5. If you think I deserve the 2% for selling your home.


Sounds Great! What's next? Call or Email Mike for a Consultation

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