Why hasn't my real estate sold?

3 point advice 4 residential real estate, strategy does not apply for commercial

My real estate won't sell!                                                                                                    

There are a variety of factors that contribute to a home languishing on the market, including price, condition, and location. Pricing the house too high is one of the top reasons homes fail to sell. When setting an asking price, it’s important to do your homework. Conduct market research and or ask us for a comparative market analysis (CMA). As a homeowner, try to stay on top of market conditions. Is real estate in your neighborhood relatively hot? Visit some open houses and see what others are doing. What terms and conditions are other sellers offering buyers?

Most buyers want to walk into a home that is in model condition. Although it may be difficult, you should walk through your house as if you are a potential buyer, being very critical and asking whether you would purchase a home in this condition. It may be as simple as getting that stove to shine, or you may need to do a little more like adding a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior. Whatever the case, talk to your us about staging your home to sell.

The third big reason a house won’t sell in a good market is location. Such things as undesirable schools, a higher crime rate, a busy road, or noise pollution can mark a bad location. If your house is located poorly, you may have to compensate with a lower listing price. Favorable terms, such as owner financing or a lease with options, could also help sell your house. WE can recommend a strategy for selling that will overcome a poor location.








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