FSBOs face 4 types of buyers





There are four distinct kinds of buyers out there. The first kind is people making their first purchase of a home. Most First-time buyers are afraid of people selling their own homes, because they feel those sellers have far more experience than they do. To the first-timer, purchasing a home is a frightening experience. Their Aunt Mabel says the bottom is going to fall out of real estate prices before Christmas, Uncle Ned tells them to keep their money in the bank in case times get tough.

          Without the help of a third party to guide them through all the unfamiliar decisions involved in buying a property, they simply won’t make the purchase. They’re afraid of a For-Sale-By-Owner because they know an owner only has one property to sell them. First-time buyers don’t buy until they find a real estate expert they trust and enjoy working with.

Buyers of the second kind are the nearby house changers. These are local people who can take their time looking for their next home. They’re only interested in the bargain of the century. They know that a For-Sale-By-Owner (F.S.B.O.) isn’t paying a brokerage fee, so they automatically deduct the fee off the top when they look at the price you’ve put on your house. Their aim is to find a seller in trouble or someone who has under priced their home through ignorance of its true market value. They work the F.S.B.O’s hard, and there is no way they will let the seller save a dime. If they weren’t set on saving the brokerage fee for themselves, these buyers will work through an agent.

          The third type of buyer is the investor. If you thought the house changer is tough on price, you haven’t met an investor yet. Investors are especially difficult to work with if the sellers are under pressure to move fast or have any trace of financial problems making them more vulnerable. Investors want bargains, but they also need counseling. Most of them don’t understand the ramifications of the tax laws, or have thorough knowledge of an areas’ values such as a real estate professional possesses. So most investors work through agents to save time and assure themselves of access to more properties.

          Out-Of-The-Area buyers are the fourth kind. Most of them need a house right now. Whether they are being transferred in, or are moving here on their own. Their house hunting time is limited, and they’re suffering from the culture shock of moving to a new area. They don’t know the values here, they don’t know the communities they can chose among, and they’re almost always unfamiliar with our entire region. Usually they fly in. Often instead of renting a car, they depend on the real estate agent they’ve been referred to for transportation. These people are under heavy pressure to make a quick decision and they need all kinds of questions answered fast---- about schools, business services, travel conditions, and so on. They want to have their own local representative, someone to look over their interests. When they go back to wind up their affairs, where ever they are coming from, they want to know they have a reliable representative here who will keep them informed and carry out their decisions by phone.

What’s the bottom line in all this? The only buyers you have much of a chance getting an offer from are the local house changers and the investors--- the toughest kinds of buyers out there. These people won’t pay top dollar --- they won’t even pay market price--- they’ll only go for a giveaway. Or if you’re lucky enough to know a friend out there that wants to buy your house, in which case you would not need a sign in your yard. 

I can get you the fair market price for your home at this time. How can I do this when you can’t? Simple I am a full-time real estate professional. Listing your property with me means I will expose it to thousands of people who can and will pay fair market price. Only the type of exposure I can give your property will allow us to find that suitable buyer for your property. Here are a few of the things I can provide you with.

*    A free market analysis

*    An Attractive “for sale” sign

*    In some instances, advertise your home on “Open House” TV shows

*    Make your home available to 100’s of office visitors each month

*    Publish photos and a description of your home on multiple websites including the most powerful selling tool the MLS, giving you exposure to thousands of realtors and buyers

*    Pre-qualify potential buyers through our in-house mortgage company

*    Provide help for any construction need

For more details, services, and commission structures CLICK HERE

Of course the amount of attention I give your property is totally up to your privacy concerns and your commitment to selling your house. There is even an agreement that we can reach where if you sell your house on your own, without me being a procuring cause, you still wouldn’t have to pay commission. I can put you in a “Win-Win” situation.

I completely understand your attempt to save a little extra money by not paying any commission to a real estate agent, but you must realize that unlike in the past decades, buying and selling a house is a lot more complicated then you might realize. One of the biggest changes is that the majority of buyers are now going through real estate agents so that they can be sure their needs and wants are met; and you and I both know that these agents will not want to show any For-Sale-By-Owners’ properties.

Please consider the four main types of buyers I mentioned above. I will treat the sale of your home as if it was my own. I will research comparables, assist in preparing your home for the market and guide you with professional advice. Look at my list for less page where I show you how to save thousands by listing your home with me.








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